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    ages 8-9

    Pages 90

    Title: Teaching Treasures Workbook with Christian Content

    Description:  Improve the study of synonyms and antonyms, capital letters, singular and plural within the English component of this workbook. Use these cross curricula worksheets to build upon more advanced mathematical skills in fractions, numbers, measurements, and problem solving. Provides science and environmental components such as learning about the leafy sea dragon, the aardvark and mice as well as have students work their way around the globe to gather information and collect data about the world, Europe, societies, deserts and the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

    The workbook also covers technology and enterprise and touches upon subjects such as robots, machines, bicycles and energy. Engage your students within the arts with perspective, proportion, drama and drawing with charcoal and build upon world health issues as well as personal hygiene and how to look after their eyesight.

    Last but not least, if you’re teaching a second language then some of these LOTE worksheets in the German language may be useful. Teach your students to count in German and cover basic words as well mapping and social issues.

    Contains additional teacher help notes, answer keys, outcome statements, extra suggested curricula activities complementing the worksheets, and 50 suggested Bible passages to read (your own Bible is required for this).

    Format: eBook pdf

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